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The Zukor Media Player provides trainers with the ultimate in choice, flexibility and features to use for virtually any type of feedback training media.

The Zukor Media Player can process video, audio and images in all popular file formats, as well as DVDs and CDs. He has an internal kaleidoscope and can (as an upgrade) also deal with YouTube videos.

The Zukor Media Player offers more than 20 types of high-quality feedback, from simple play / pause, pixelation, volume and zoom out to visually sophisticated effects such as bubbles, double vision, snow and whirl.

The Zukor Media Player allows the trainer to use 1 to 16 events to control the same number of visual effects or audio feedback sounds.

“ The Zukor Media Player
is the most demanding
Player for feedback training.”
Samuel Turcotte
President & CTO
Zukor Interactive 
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