Samuel Turcotte's years of hard work on the film "No Pain, No Gain" is finally hitting theatres nationwide December 3, 2005.

Turcotte devoted years to writing, producing and directing "No Pain, No Gain" - the first feature-length fiction film ever to delve into the realm of bodybuilding. For months, fans and reporters have been flocking to www.nopainnogainthemovie.com to see the trailer in anticipation of the new movie that depicts a subculture rarely seen on film.

"No Pain, No Gain" is the first film set in the world of bodybuilding since the 1977 classic "Pumping Iron," which launched the film career of Arnold Schwarzenegger. But in a first for the bodybuilding world, this is a fiction film, not a documentary. "No Pain, No Gain" covers timely issues such as the increasing obsession with body image, fad diets, working out, health and fitness, plus the steroid controversy in sports.

Already raved about by Muscle & Fitness, MuscleMag International, MAX Sports & Fitness, Bobybuilding.com and many other authorities, the film enjoys the backing and encouragement of a wide array of supporters, and is sure to be a one-of-a-kind hit. Joe Weider says, "This film shows the courage, determination and heart it takes to be a true champion bodybuilder." And Robert Kennedy, Executive Editor of MuscleMag International, calls it "The cinematic heir apparent to 'Pumping Iron.'"

"No Pain, No Gain" was recently screened as an official selection at the Sao Paulo International Film Festival in Brazil, and was also featured at the Palm Beach Film Festival and the Houston Film Festival (Worldfest), where it won an award for Best Director, First Feature.

"This film is the realization of a lifelong dream," said Turcotte. "I have been involved in the world of bodybuilding since I was 15, and for years have wanted to create a film about this fascinating and misunderstood sport. Bodybuilders have long been grossly misrepresented in the media, and my film gives a more balanced and realistic portrayal."

Talented actor and bodybuilder Gus Malliarodakis plays the part of underdog bodybuilder Mike Zorillo, whose determination to rise to the top of competitive bodybuilding without artificial help is the heart of the film's story. Zorillo, a small town Ohio champion bodybuilder with a genius IQ, journeys to the Mecca of bodybuilding, Los Angeles, determined to beat his nemesis, Jake Steel, with natural science instead of steroids. Far from home, Mike is confronted by a gym culture of freaks, juicers and Hollywood wannabes.

"I'm totally pumped to play the lead in 'No Pain, No Gain,'" Malliarodakis said. "This film will be a milestone in the history of bodybuilding, so this is a great opportunity to make a further contribution to the sport."

Star bodybuilder Dennis Newman has won the Teen USA, Mr. California and the USA Bodybuilding competitions, and has graced the cover of Muscle & Fitness, Ironman and Flex magazines. He plays the arrogant, over-the-top bodybuilder Jake Steel, who opposes hero Mike Zorillo's every move.

Following the movie's theatrical release, the film will be available worldwide on DVD. The soundtrack CD and a comic book version of the film will also be available.

"No Pain, No Gain" will premiere nationwide in over 250 theatres on Saturday, December 3, 2005. Visit the movie's website at www.nopainnogainthemovie.com to learn more about this unique film event.