For immediate release: 03/14/00


11-Track, High-Energy Pop Collection By Top Industry Musicians Scheduled For Release on April 11, 2000 From Zukor Records In Association with Blackheart Records/Universal

Simply put, Baila - the group whose name means "to dance" in Spanish - is the confluence of concept, musicianship and passion. Their goal is a simple one: to make music that infuses people with energy, excitement and the desire to get up and dance.

Toward this end, this group of most gifted artists and accomplished producers have created Shall We Dance?, an 11-track CD whose musical styles run the gamut of danceable genres. From the fabulous cha-cha of "Baila" to the sexy, silky R&B of their first single "A Little More Love" to the down and dirty hip-grinding "disco queen" vamp of "Rush" (which can also be heard in the television promo for the CBS-TV series "Martial Law"), culminating in the totally new version of the old-school dance classic "Staying Alive", Baila fills every note of every song with a reason to shake, rattle and roll.

Producing this incredible collection is Terry Wollman, whose credits include everything from music director for Little Richard to guitar player for Billy Preston, orchestral arranger for The Crusaders with The Tokyo Philharmonic to composing music for film and television, and Samuel Turcotte, currently Manager of Entertainment Technology for no less a force than Sun Microsystems. Together Wollman and Turcotte have created the magic that suffuses Shall We Dance?. Between them they bring a strong knowledge of and experience in popular music as well as the promise that technology holds for its future. "Our goal with Baila and Shall We Dance? was to make a highly energetic, 'feel-good' record for the double 0's" Turcotte says. "It's about wanting to inspire people to feel good about themselves and getting them up to dance about it."

Adds Wollman, "Every so often an opportunity comes along to create music out of the ordinary -- positive songs and a fresh new sound. Baila was just this kind of project, and I knew right away that some of my favorite musicians, singers and composers would be very interested in collaborating on this with us."

And Wollman's favorite musicians who came together to create this high-energy pop group are some of the industry's most respected players whose "day jobs" include working regularly with the likes of Elton John, Madonna, Michael Jackson and many, many more of the world's best and most important artists. They have earned the right to do just about anything they want to do, and Shall We Dance? is it.

Baila is: Terry Wollman, Guitars; Amy Keys, Lead Vocals; Jonathan "Sugarfoot" Moffet, Drums; Marc Hugenberger, Keyboards; Vail Johnson, Bass; and Ellis Hall, Additional Lead and Backing Vocals.